How to Make a Website Tutorial Video

How to Make a Website Tutorial Video

Having a website is an excellent way to demonstrate onscreen processes, but there are many ways to create your own tutorial video that are clear and easy to follow. If you aren’t tech-savvy or a skilled creator, you might think that recording your screen and uploading it to your website is enough. Instead, you could end up with awkward silences or skip steps in your video. To avoid this pitfall, you should read this article for tips on how to make a website tutorial video.

iSpring Suite

Whether you have just created a website or are attempting to create a video course, iSpring Suite makes creating a website tutorial video a breeze. This software is packed with helpful tools that help you create interactive videos for your website. One feature that makes this program stand out from other similar software is the ability to use PowerPoint to create quizzes. With a quiz, learners will be able to gauge how much they know and fill in any gaps. In addition to the ability to create quizzes, iSpring Suite lets you add interactions and animations to PowerPoint to enhance the learning experience.


To make a screencast video, all you need to do is install a free open-source program called Webinaria. This tool allows you to record screen shots of any computer program, including webcam footage. It offers basic options for making website tutorial videos, including recording the full screen, capturing a window, and adding audio and text. After recording, you can save your video as an AVI or FLV file and publish it to your website.


If you’re looking to create website tutorial videos, you can use CamStudio as a free alternative. You’ll have to set up the application to allow it to record sound, and it will ask you whether you heard a tone when the recording line was used. Turn on your speakers, and listen carefully. Then, click Record Audio from Speakers, and the program will automatically search for the audio.


If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use software that helps you make website tutorial videos, WeVideo might be your answer. You can easily create a 15-second introduction video and add a little text over the video. You can even upload your finished project and share it with others. WeVideo is a great tool for beginners and experts alike, but it’s not just for professionals!

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